Sunday, February 10, 2013

Flash Fiction Challenge: Spilt Coffee

Surprisingly this came in at 297 words.

Just as she had for the last year, Ange placed two mugs of coffee and a plate of toast in front of the man in the third booth from the end. He smiled politely, but didn’t thank her for the prompt service and she hadn’t expected him too. They had spoken only once since he had first started coming in and had not exchanged a single word since. He’d drink one of the coffees, eat a single slice of toast and wrap up the other half in a napkin to take with him. Then he would take a brand new five dollar bill from his wallet and leave it on the table beneath the untouched coffee.

Nothing ever changed in this routine.

Ange started to clear the table, but stopped half way through. Staring at the untouched coffee, she felt tears sting the corner of her eyes. She was quick to wipe them away, but more came to replace them. It was a stream that she could not stop no matter how hard she tried so she just let them flow. She sat down and stared at the spot where the man had been sitting. She hadn’t expected it to hit her so hard. “I miss you.” She whispered the words at the empty booth and then buried her face in her hands. The bell above the door chimed. Ange jumped up, smacking the coffee mug and spilling the cold coffee. She watched the liquid spread across the table and she wiped the moisture from her cheeks. No use crying over spilt coffee. They had both made their choices and no matter how many times he offered, she wasn’t going to forgive him.

Ange turned her attention to the new customer, a smile forced on her face.


  1. I always knew you could write flash fiction. :d

  2. Well done! I enjoyed reading this.